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Visiting Professor of Mechanical Engineering

California Institute of Technology
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E/MedE/ME 105

Background Materials

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E/ME 105: Product Design for the Developing World

Background Materials


  • United Nations World Water Development Report: Water for People, Water for Life (pdf)
    Water-related development challenges and proposals

  • UNDP-World Bank Water and Sanitation Program: Making Rural Water Supply Sustainable (pdf)
    The importance of creating demand-responsive water systems—reference for water projects

  • UNICEF Water, environment and sanitation programme: Index of publications
    Water resources

  • Water, Sanitation and Health, Department of Protection of the Human Environment World Health Organization: Managing Water in the Home: Accelerated Health Gains from Improved Water Supply (pdf)
    Includes types of water treatment available

  • Peter Gleick: Dirty Water: Estimated Deaths from Water-Related Diseases 2000-2020 (pdf)
    Study of deaths caused by contaminated water and extrapolation

  • B. Sommer et al. SODIS—an emerging water treatment process (pdf)
    Overview of solar disinfection methods for water treatment

  • Safe Water Systems for the Developing World: A Handbook for Implementing Household-Based Water Treatment and Safe Storage Projects. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (pdf)
    Focuses on chlorination treatment but includes overviews of other technologies

  • Mintz E, Bartram J, Lochery P, Wegelin M. Not Just a Drop in the Bucket: Expanding Access to Point-of-Use Water Treatment Systems. American Journal of Public Health. October 1, 2001; 91 (10) (pdf)

  • Image (pdf)