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Visiting Professor of Mechanical Engineering

California Institute of Technology
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E/MedE/ME 105

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E/ME 105: Product Design for the Developing World

Background Materials

Renewable and Decentralized Energy

  • Ray Holland, Lahiru Perera, Teodoro Sanchez, Dr Rona Wilkinson. Decentralized Rural Electrification: The Experience of ITDG. (pdf)

  • P. Vanderhulst, H. Lanser, P. Bergmeyer, F. Foeth, R. Albers. Solar Energy: Small scale applications in developing countries (pdf)

  • Seeing the Light: Adapting to climate change with decentralized renewable energy in developing countries. International Institute for Sustainable Development (pdf)

  • Powering Poverty Reduction. Intermediate Technology Development Group. (pdf)

  • Julie A. Smith. Solar-Based Rural Electrification and Microenterprise Development in Latin America: A Gender Analysis. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (pdf)
    Outlines the advantages of decentralized energy to achieve international development goals, especially as they relate to women.

  • ITDG. Power to the People: Sustainable energy solutions for the world's poor (pdf)
    Description of decentralized energy's contribution towards the Millennium Development Goals

  • Elizabeth Richards et al. Photovoltaics in Mexico: A Model for Increasing the Use of Renewable Energy Systems (pdf)

  • Peter J. Balint. Bringing solar home systems to rural El Salvador: lessons for small NGOs. Energy Policy, June 2004. (pdf)

  • Miller, Damian and Chris Hope. Learning to lend for off-grid solar power: policy lessons from World Bank loans to India, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka. Energy Policy 28 (2000) 87-105

  • Goldemberg, J., T.B. Johansson, A.K.N. Reddy and R. H. Williams. Basic Needs and Much More With One Kilowatt Per Capita. Ambio Vol. 14 No. 4-5