Ken Pickar
Visiting Professor of Mechanical Engineering

California Institute of Technology
208 Gates-Thomas, Mail Code 104-44
Pasadena, CA 91125
(626) 395-4185


E/MedE/ME 105

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E/ME 105: Product Design for the Developing World

Background Materials

Economics: Reducing Poverty

  • Tom Dahl-Østergaard, David Moore, Vanessa Ramirez, Mark Wenner, Ane Bonde
    Community-Driven Rural Development: What Have We Learned? Inter-American Development Bank. (pdf)

  • Björn-Sören Gigler. Including the Excluded- Can ICTs empower poor communities? Towards an alternative evaluation framework based on the capability approach (pdf)

  • McCraw T. K., "Prophet of Innovation: Joseph Schumpeter and Creative Destruction" The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass. and London, England 2007

  • Parker, P.M., Ph.d. Eli Lilly Chaired Professor of Business, Innovation and Society INSEAD (Singapore, and Fontainebleau, France) The 2005 Guatemala Economic and Product Market Databook.

  • Young, I. M., Europe and the Global South: Towards a Circle of Equality, open Democracy, 20 August 2003.