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E/ME 105

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E/ME 105: Product Design for the Developing World

Background Materials

Case Studies


Distributed Solar Energy in Brazil: Fabio Rosa's Approach to Social Entrepreneurship World Business Council for Sustainable Development and UNC Kenen-Flagler Business School (pdf)
Short version: (pdf)

See also the chapter "The Light in my Head Went On" in How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas, by David Bornstein

Electricité de France (EDF), Tenesol, Total Electrifying rural Moroccan households. World Business Council for Sustainable Development (pdf)

Water and Sanitation

The Zimbabwe Experience: Lessons from a review of 15 years of the Zimbabwe Integrated Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Programme. The World Bank Water and Sanitation Program (pdf)

Livelihoods in conflict: disputes over water for household-level productive uses in Tarata, Bolivia. IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre (pdf)

Multiple sources for multiple uses: Household case studies of water use around Cochabamba, Bolivia IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre (pdf)

Participatory Monitoring of Sanitation: The Case of Wotawati Hamlet, Pucung—Indonesia IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre (pdf)

One Step Closer to Sustainable Sanitation: The Experiences of an Eco-Sanitation Project in Malawi. WaterAid. (pdf)

How IDE Installed 1.3 Million Treadle Pumps in Bangladesh by Activating the Private Sector: The Practical Steps. International Development Enterprises (pdf)

Paul Polak. The Design Process for the IDE Low Cost Drip Irrigation System. International Development Enterprises (pdf)

Procter & Gamble – Providing Safe Drinking Water World Business Council for Sustainable Development (pdf)

Lessons Learned from NGO Experiences in the Water and Sanitation Sector Water and Environmental Health at London and Loughborough (esp Ch 3) (pdf)

Quick RE, Kimura A, Thevos A, Tembo M, Shamputa I, Hutwagner L, and Mintz E. Diarrhea Prevention through Household-Level Water Disinfection and Safe Storage in Zambia. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (pdf)

Caroline Pinder. "Appropriate Technologies for Enterprise Creation—ApproTEC—KENYA" Enterprise Development Impact Assessment Information Service, DFID. (pdf)
Additional documents:
Pedal pump impact assessment (pdf) and sample analysis (xls)
Zero age survey (pdf) and sample analysis (xls)


Monique Maddy. "Dream Deferred: The Story of a High-Tech Entrepreneur in a Low-Tech World" Harvard Business Review, May-June 2000

Pitroda, Sam. "Democracy, Development, and the Village Telephone." Harvard Business Review Nov-Dec 1993

Grameen Telecom's Village Phones World Resources Institute: What Works Case Studies (pdf)

Vodacom's Community Services Phone Shops World Resources Institute: What Works Case Studies (pdf)

Other Information and Communication Technology

Prodem FFP's Multilingual Smart ATMs for Microfinance, World Resources Institute: What Works Case Studies (pdf)

Dunn, Peter and Keith Yamashita. "Microcapitalism and the egacorporation." Harvard Business Review, August 2003

Hewlett-Packard's community Internet projects in India

Batchelor, SJ, P Norrish, N Scott, M Webb. Sustainable ICT [Information and Communications Technology] Case Histories. Department for International Development. Jan 2003 (pdf)

Batchelor, S & Sugden, S. An Analysis of InfoDEV Case Studies: Lessons Learned. The Information for Development Program. Oct 2003. (pdf)


Grameen Bank: Taking Capitalism to the Poor. Columbia Business School (pdf)

Appropriate Technology and Sustainable Development: A Research Study in El Salvador. International Center for Research on Women and The Centre for Development and Population Activities (pdf)

Improved stoves project in El Salvador

Cemex and Patrimonio Hoy. Stanford Social Investment Review (pdf)

Program to help poor Mexicans pay for homebuilding and home improvement

Daniels N, Simons L, Rodrigues A, Gunnlaugsson G, Forester T, Wells J, Hutwagner L, Tauxe R, Mintz E. First do no harm: making oral rehydration solution (ORS) safer in a cholera epidemic. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 1999; 60:1051-5. (pdf)

"The New Heroes" PBS series

  • Nick Moon and Martin Fisher—ApproTEC/Kickstart (Kenya, Mali, San Francisco)
  • Fabio Rosa (Ashoka Fellow) – Rural Electrification in Brazil
  • Albina Ruiz – Garbage collection in Lima, Peru
  • Maria Teresa Leal -- Coopa-Roca sewing coop, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Muhammad Yanus – GrameenBank
  • Series website