Ken Pickar
Visiting Professor of Mechanical Engineering

California Institute of Technology
208 Gates-Thomas, Mail Code 104-44
Pasadena, CA 91125
(626) 395-4185


E/MedE/ME 105

Background Materials

E/ME 103

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E/ME 105: Product Design for the Developing World

Background Materials

Business Models

  • Poverty Reduction: Making Markets Work for the Poor (IDE) (pdf)
    IDE's pro-poor market philosophy explained

  • What Works: Serving the Poor, Profitably (C.K. Prahalad and Allen Hammond) (pdf)
    Business models for multinationals working at the "bottom of the pyramid"

  • C. K. Prahalad and Allen Hammond. "Serving the World's Poor, Profitably" Harvard Business Review, September 2002.

  • G. Pascal Zachary. "Poor Idea" The New Republic. March 7 2005 (pdf)
    Critical analysis of Prahalad's BOP approach

  • World Business Council for Sustainable Development:
    • Doing business with the Poor: A field guide (pdf)
    • Finding capital for sustainable livelihoods businesses (pdf)
    Resources directed towards corporations that want to work with the poor. Includes case studies

  • IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre
    Cost Recovery: Taking into Account the Poorest and Systems Sustainability (pdf)
    How to recover costs and still reach the poorest people

  • Qadir, Iqbal. "Bottom-Up Economics." Harvard Business Review August 2003 p 18-20