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E/ME 105: Product Design for the Developing World

Trips to Guatemala (Student Trip Reports)

Chino Wer (Landivar)

  1. One invents things according to its necessities and it accommodates them to its life and the other is that its better to work in group to be better informed than to work alone and I also learn how to coexist in a different way.

  2. Maybe have a little more organize time, go to more places so we can have a better opinion of what their doing and then compare them.

  3. Communication (been always in contact), collaboration (been part of what it is doing, giving advices and putting in practice), and responsibility. 

  4. The water pump in San Juan

  5. Been well informed during the design process about any change, interact with the people who live there to see if what we are doing is right and motivate the team to keep working and doing it the best we can.
  6. Yes, I was very familiar with the situation of how people lives in Guatemala and we had very good relation with CALTECH students.

  7. I think it could be better spending more time with CALTECH students here in Guatemala working together maybe for a better team organization.

  8. I think it could have been different if someone of us could speak Mayan language, the interaction with workers I think could be different and we can identify more with them.

  9. The way they organize to do their things and work together as in a community.

  10. What I loved most in this trip was the experience I had, i liked everything, I learned a lot, and saw things that I have never seen but I was very familiar with.